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Lately I have been in an artist's funk-lack of inspiration. I felt like I've lost my muse. I can attribute most of this to my personal life that I've been spending more time on-trying to keep my family together, not to mention some personal work. With my wife away at the Highland Games this weekend, I've had some extra time to tend to my creative flow, or lack thereof:)

I've started collaborating with a local photographer. He sent me some of his work, so I thought this would be a good place to start working again. Unfortunately, I spend hours on his photo, an nothing seemed to work. I think part of the problem is that I haven't been a "photo manipulator" for some time, and that is what I was doing. This brought me no energy. My passion has been to really create something out of nothing. I removed all traces of his photo to start over again when something caught my eye....

"Lemmings" is my first piece in some time that has inspired me to keep creating. I really connected with the painting. Like most of my better work, there came a moment when something in the wreckage of my current project spoke to me and a clear vision emerged. The black figure was something that needed to take center stage. I wanted to multiply the image. I put in more hours to get the texture and colors right.

I chose the name because the figures were identical and following each other blindly, without any thought. I found that the more I stare at them I see other things. What are they? Even I don't know. Perhaps the man who spends his time staring up at them (bottom right corner) knows:)